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Once upon a time, when you saw a restaurant you liked, you booked a table and showed up to eat.  Underground offers a new way to sate your hunger; a new American, Pan-European dining experience that evokes the desire for both flavor and intimacy.


Deriving inspiration from the Parisian art of dining, Underground provides a very discrete and intimate setting for you to enjoy both your meal and your company – welcome to the Private Dining Experience, welcome to Underground.


The Private Dining Experience – invites guests to enjoy a carefully selected 7 course menu while dining amongst friends or new acquaintances in a most private and exclusive setting. Reservations may be made monthly and seating varies based upon location. Unlike American restaurants, the seat is yours for the night…so relax, take your time and enjoy the experience – it’s all about you.

To learn more about the Private Dining Experience, the courses, upcoming menu and how to make reservations, we invite you to continue touring our site.



Our vision:
  • Take guests on a seven course European dining experience
  • Provide a very intimate and exclusive setting to enjoy superb food, wine and conversation
  • Offer a new American, pan-European cuisine; rooted in the basics of French cooking where dishes are simple, allowing flavors to complement where appropriate and never compete
  • Allow guests to interact with the chef by welcoming them into the kitchen, sharing background on the wine selection and presenting each course to the table before it is served
  • Be word of mouth" and not mainstream to maintain the exclusivity of the experience
  • Allow guests to share Underground with others seeking an alternative to the restaurant scene

The key to making reservations

    The Private Chef Experience – allows guests to create their own private culinary experience. Whether you are interested in hosting your own Private Dining Experience or possibly a cooking demonstration, our Chef de Cuisine will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind experience that is the result of an exceptionally unique vision, venue and menu. Our Private Chef Experience is available across the country and abroad.

    To learn more about The Private Chef Experience or to schedule a conversation, please contact us at 216-210-2254 or